What Colour Lures To Use For Night Bass Fishing?

Night bass fishing entails targeting bass species after sunset, leveraging their altered feeding behaviour. Anglers employ specialised dark or luminous lures to attract fish in low light conditions. This serene and cooler environment provides a unique angling experience. Safety measures, including proper lighting and navigation tools, are essential for successful night fishing.

When it comes to night bass fishing, one key question arises What colour lures to use for success under the moon’s veil? The choice of lure colour is vital, with dark shades like black and blue for visibility. Luminous or glow in the dark lures can also work wonders. Yet, remember, in the darkness, it’s not just about colour scent and lure action play pivotal roles in reeling in those elusive nocturnal bass.

The choice of lure colour is a topic of intrigue and debate. Dark hues like black and blue are trusted for visibility in low light, while luminous or glow in the dark lures provide added allure. However, our experienced team knows that successful night bass fishing isn’t just about colour it’s about understanding fish behaviour, using the right scents, and mastering lure action. Join us to unlock the secrets of night bass fishing and enhance your angling skills.

Does Lure Colour Matter at Night?

Lure colour can matter at night when fishing. While fish rely less on their vision in lowlight conditions, they can still distinguish some colours, especially under moonlight or artificial light. Dark colours like black or blue may be more visible, but ultimately, factors like lure action and scent play a significant role in attracting nocturnal fish.

The Science of Lure Colour Selection 

When it comes to night bass fishing, the right lure colour can be a gamechanger. But why does colour matter? The answer lies in the interplay of light and water conditions. Bass are equipped with specialised vision that allows them to detect certain colours even in low light. Here’s what you need to know.

Understanding Bass Vision 

To choose the best lure colour for night fishing, it’s essential to understand how bass see in the dark. Bass have a type of vision called scotopic vision, which is optimised for low light conditions. They can see colours in the blue and green spectrum, making these colours effective choices for night lures.

Water Clarity Matters 

The clarity of the water you’re fishing in can influence your lure colour choice. In clear water, natural colours like shade or perch patterns can be effective, while in murky water, high contrast colours such as black, red, and chartreuse can stand out more effectively.

Reflective Qualities 

Lure colour isn’t just about the base colour; it’s also about how light reflects off it. Some lures have UVreflective qualities that can make them more visible to bass. Understanding the reflective properties of your lures can give you an edge in the dark.

Top Lure Colours for Night Bass Fishing 

In the world of night bass fishing, selecting the right lure colours is a gamechanger. Dark and natural hues like black, blue, and junebug tend to excel in lowlight conditions, as they create strong silhouettes and contrast against the water. Additionally, glow in the dark and UVreflective colours can be effective, as they provide increased visibility in the darkness.

Blue and Black

The combination of blue and black is a classic choice for night fishing. It mimics the natural prey of bass and is highly visible in low light conditions. This combination is a must have in any night angler’s tackle box.Experimenting with these top lure colours can significantly improve your chances of landing a trophy bass under the moonlit sky.


Chartreuse is a standout colour in the selection of lures for night bass fishing. Its vibrant, fluorescent green yellow hue produces excellent visibility in lowlight conditions, catching the attention of bass lurking in the dark waters. This colour emits a unique glow and can be especially effective when paired with rattles or added scent for an irresistible combination that entices bass to strike.

Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark lures are indispensable in the realm of night bass fishing. These lures are specially designed to absorb and emit light, making them highly visible in the darkness. They create an enticing, luminous presence that can be irresistible to bass on the prowl during nighttime. Whether you’re fishing in moonlight or under the stars, Glow in the Dark lures offer an advantage by maintaining their glow and attracting bass even in the darkest waters. 


While red lures are not typically the first choice for night bass fishing, they can still have their moments of effectiveness. The deep, bold colour of red can create a noticeable contrast against the darkness, especially in slightly illuminated conditions. It’s advisable to experiment with red lures during periods of low moonlight or when fishing near artificial lights. Bass may be enticed by the unique visibility and may strike when other colours are less conspicuous.

Green Pumpkin

Green pumpkin lures are a versatile choice in the world of night bass fishing. While they may not be as vibrant as some other colours, their natural appearance can mimic the prey that bass are accustomed to hunting in the dark. Green pumpkin provides a subtle yet effective option, blending well with the surrounding environment and allowing for a more stealthy approach.

Lure Color ConsiderationsEffect on Bass Fishing
Water ClarityClear water benefits from natural hues, while murky water prefers high-contrast colors like black, red, and chartreuse.
Reflective QualitiesLures with UV-reflective properties enhance visibility.
Top Lure Colors for Night BassDark colors like blue and black excel, as do glow-in-the-dark and UV-reflective options for enhanced visibility.
Blue and BlackA classic choice, mimicking natural prey with high visibility.
ChartreuseVibrant color with fluorescent appeal, effective in low light.
Glow in the DarkAbsorbs and emits light, maintaining visibility in the dark.
RedOffers contrast in slightly illuminated conditions.
Green PumpkinMimics natural prey, providing a stealthy approach.

What Lures Can You Use at Night?

Discover these top lures for successful night fishing

Spinnerbaits A timetested favourite among nocturnal bass anglers, known for their effectiveness.

Poppers These lures are designed to capture attention with both sight and sound during night fishing.

Big Worms The classic curly tailed worm remains a reliable choice for attracting fish in the dark.


Does lure colour matter when fishing at night?

 Absolutely, lure colour is crucial at night, as it can significantly impact your success in attracting bass.

What colours are bass more likely to see in the dark?

Bass can detect colours in the blue and green spectrum, so blue and greenbased lures work well.

Are there any special lures designed for night fishing?

Yes, some lures are designed to glow in the dark, making them highly effective for night bass fishing.

Do I need different lure colours for different water clarities at night?

Yes, water clarity plays a role. Clear water may require natural colours, while murky water benefits from highcontrast options.

What’s the role of UVreflective properties in lures for night fishing?

UVreflective lures can be more visible to bass in low light conditions, increasing your chances of a catch.


In the world of night bass fishing, the right lure colour can make all the difference. Understanding the science behind bass vision and how water clarity affects visibility is crucial for any angler. By choosing the right colours, like blue and black, chartreuse, glowinthe dark, red, or green pumpkin, you can increase your chances of success on those moonlit nights. Armed with this knowledge, you’re now prepared to tackle the waters in the dark and land some impressive bass.

In the realm of night fishing, the allure of the night, the mystery of the waters, and the challenge of enticing a bass to bite in the dark all come together. The right colour choice, backed by science and experience, can transform an ordinary night into an extraordinary one. So, get out there, cast your line, and let the night bass fishing adventure begin.

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